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HiEx Technologies Ltd. is a qualified firm with years of experience in the blasting and explosives industry. We provide quality products for blasting applications in mining, construction and logging.

Our TeleBlaster telemetry blast initiation system was designed for blasters by blasters ; a wireless blast initiation system used to safely initiate commercial explosives blasts.

We've worked hard to introduce and develop telemetric blast initiation in B.C. since 1999, proving radio remote initiation can be safe and extremely efficient.


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We work with our clients and their crews on an ongoing basis to support the evolution and technological change involved with Telemetry blast initiation. Our unique training program promotes the safe and efficient use and handling of explosives as well as drilling and blasting techniques, including regulatory compliance training.

We are a company with strong business ethics, committed solely to the promotion of safe, efficient, blasting techniques and the promotion and support of the TeleBlaster telemetry blast initiation system, HiEx Drystick and the sales and development of other unique drilling and blasting supplies and tools.

HiEx offers Consulting services in all aspects of blasting and explosives, blast management, explosives selection and purchase as well as explosives regulatory compliance. We are conversant with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and offer TDG training in addition to explosives training.

We also supply consulting services for forest road cost analysis, road construction, drilling and blasting operations and forestry. 

We're proud to be members of the International Society of Explosives Engineers, the BC Safety Council and the Truck Loggers Association.

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