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Click to enlarge photoThe HiEx TeleBlaster II     

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The Hiex Teleblaster II is an intelligent and discrete 2-way VHF or UHF telemetrey blast initiation system intended for commercial blasting operations.

The radio system's signal is digitally encoded(addressed). The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology has been combined to provide a safe, reliable, accurate and compact remote blast initioation device.

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  • Eliminates need for safety fuse and its inherent complications.
  • Blaster not tethered to blast by shooting line or nonel lead-in line that is often too short.
  • Increased stand off distances - up to 5 kilometer (not dependent on line of sight).
  • Instantaneous blast initiation with test and abort and automatic shutdown functions.
  • Blaster has superior control when working in areas with frequent air, marine, and other radio equipped traffic or personnel.
  • Audible status confirmation to blaster
  • Secure transmissions at 4 levels to prevent accidental initiation.
  • Easy-to-use instructions and operating procedures.


  • Better communication cuts down on lost productivity and time when locating and moving workers away from the blast zone.
  • More efficient guarding and control of blast zones, and Blaster can guard a position.
  • Speeds up drill/blast cycles for continuous operations.
  • Requires much less time and cost in layout of expensive lead-in line for the blaster to be in a safe position.


  • Blaster is free to initiate from guard position or vantage point.
  • Eliminates "burn time" concerns of safety fuse assemblies.
  • Built-in retreat timer with audible confirmation for blaster to move clear of the blast zone.
  • Housed in durable case, built for working in tough environments.



Click to enlarge photo HiEx Dry Stick

HiEx Dry Sticks are used for de-watering small diameter bore holes up to 14 feet deep; helps increase the use of AnFo products.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces explosives costs.
  • Quick and simple to use.
  • De-water holes 2 1/4" to 3" diameter.
  • Reduce explosives costs by increased use of AnFo products in wet holes.

    Cost: $240.00 Cdn
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