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Built by Blasters, For Blasters

HiEx Technologies Ltd. is proud to present the TeleBlaster!
For more specific information or a demonstration,
please contact us at (250)923-2900

the HiEx TeleBlaster Telemetry
Blast Initiation System

  • HiEx is qualified, experienced and has credibility in the blasting and explosives industry.
  • HiEx is a company with strong business ethics, and is committed solely to the promotion of safe, efficient, blasting techniques, and promotion and support of the TeleBlaster telemetry blast initiation system and relevant supplies.
  • HiEx is committed to continuous improvement. We are committed and qualified to work with our clients and their crews to support the evolution and technological change involved with Telemetry blast initiation.
  • HiEx is fully insured.
  • HiEx has worked hard to introduce and develop telemetric blast initiation in B.C. over the past two years, proving radio remote initiation can be safe and efficient.
  • The HiEx TeleBlaster is a multi-functional functional remote platform that can also be used to operate seismic equipment, trigger camera equipment, start generators or open/close valves or switch gear with the client's choice of signaling system.
  • HiEx is a member of International Society of Explosives Engineers, the BC Safety Council and the Truck Loggers Association.


  • We use a safe, reliable and proven signaling method - the same method the US Corp. of Army Engineers, US Forest Service and numerous bomb squads have chosen to use. This method has been in use at Weyerhaeuser Eve River Operations since 1999..
  • Each TeleBlaster unit comes with a manual, covering operating procedures including misfire procedures and care and maintenance.
  • Each TeleBlaster comes with mandatory on site training and testing of blasting personnel. As a supplier we fully understand our responsibilities under the new WCB regulations.
  • The system and documentation have been reviewed by WCB Engineering Department and Blasting Coordinator.
  • Retreat, Confirmation and Auto shutdown features are standard on all Teleblasters.
  • The TeleBlaster firing circuitry is not charged until the Fire command is given.
  • The TeleBlaster has double isolated and interlocked circuitry using the most current technology available.
  • The TeleBlaster allows the blaster to have communication with radio equipped personnel, moving equipment, air and marine traffic, such as helicopters, fallers, engineers and industrial traffic within the operation or mine site. This communication enables the blaster to quickly and efficiently set up a blast zone, confirm guard positions and instantaneously initiate the blast from a safe position once satisfied that all the conditions of blasting are met.

The Equipment

  • Compact design means easy, no fuss carrying and setup of equipment. Unit can be carried in a pickup cab. 10 3/4 inches long x 10 inches wide x 7 inches deep.
  • Equipment approved by Industry Canada and FCC.
  • Design and supply of electronic components by one of Canada's leading suppliers of wireless communications and industrial control equipment, with services and support available in Campbell River, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.
  • Easy to use, with a shallow learning curve. Complete documentation of equipment and operating procedures. On site training is available with each TeleBlaster unit.
  • Durable and weather tight enclosure. (plastic or welded aluminum).
  • On board digital voltmeter gives accurate battery voltage readings under load.
  • Large 4.0 or 5.4 Amp Hour battery easily provides up to 70 initiations between charges. ( We recommend the machine be charged nightly to ensure maximum range and performance).
  • Battery charger included is "smart" and knows when to stop charging. The float then charges to ensure battery always provides peak performance and extended battery life.
  • Unique signaling allows multiple machines to operate in one area.

Optional Equipment

  • DTMF Keypad microphone can be installed on most existing "in vehicle" radio equipment to allow operation of the Teleblaster. This can extend the range up to 40 kilometers for applications other than blasting.
  • "In vehicle" charging system can be utilized to charge unit in the blaster's vehicle.
  • Welded aluminum case to protect units in vehicle of drill equipment. Customized remote control available for many applications including software writing and interfacing with the TeleBlaster.

Service and Support

  • Each TeleBlaster may include on-site training and testing of personnel using the equipment for blast initiation.
  • Free local on-site follow-up and programming changes for the first 6 months.
  • Each TeleBlaster includes a 1 year conditional warrantee (excludes damage by flyrock and immersion in water). 3 years on RF equipment.
  • Overnight service or exchange program for qualified customers.
  • Free annual check up.
  • We have experience repairing other brands of radio remote blasting machines.