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TeleBlaster Blast Management

We lend our expertise to your operations, contributing 10 years of experience in the technical application of explosive products. Our expert regularly teaches safe blasting techniques at blasters workshops.

Drill and Blast Management Services
On-site assistance with blast design, layout, loading, monitoring, and efficiency.

Explosives Selection
We will analyze explosives data to choose products best suited to budget and environmental conditions.

Explosives Purchase
Independent analysis of explosives price and performance for explosives supply agreements

Forest Road Cost Analysis

Using database development during or after road construction can reduce future costs. By trackingall pertinent costs, which are defined by your company and may include employee costs, equipment rates, fuel consumption, and other consumable costs, we can pinpoint areas of concern.

This method has proven effective for determining cost distribution, bidding rates, and future equipment charge-out rates.

We are able to maintain databases for future needs using our own Forest Road Cost Analysis software based on Microsoft Access. Using a database for your company can provide extremely useful information.

Customized to your company's needs, the kit is arranged into four main sections:

Business Section includes items such as time cards, purchase orders, and indoctrination procedures.

Safety Section includes all applicable W.C.B. regulations, Job Safety Breakdowns, WHMIS implementation, Equipment inspections, and Emergency evacuation procedures.

Environmental Section includes Company and Licensee environmental policies, EMS, and development of SOPs.

Explosives Section for those who purchase and store explosives and must comply with necessary regulations.      


We offer our services to help ease the process of expediting and exporting products internationally.

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